Hello everyone! So, I decided to move my blogs around.


Honestly, I didn’t want to. I really liked, and still do, my old ahrjay blog. But it was only a secondary blog and the features were limited to my liking. I hated that whenever I wanted to ask someone a question, a different username registers in the “ask box”. The same applies to whenever I follow someone’s blog. And lastly, I hated the fact that my primary blog didn’t get used too often. Damn Tumblr.

Anyways, what I did was I changed the URL name of my primary blog from to and of my secondary blog from to I hope that’s not confusing…

Message to the followers of the old ahrjay blog and the new ahrjay blog?

I am really sorry, everyone. I will perfectly understand it if, or when, you decide to unfollow both of my blogs. Though we haven’t had actually talked/chatted with each other, I really appreciate your following. Thanks! And to those who do decides to stay… thank you, and I will try my best to not do any major changes… again.

Well, this has been sufficiently long and awkward. See you all later!

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REBLOGGED ahrjay 2 years ago (ORIGINALLY ahrjay)

This blog not being my primary blog SUCKS. I have half a mind to stop posting here and switch accounts. Don’t worry everyone, I’ll write about it if I do.

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Wow, I’ve made fifty postings on this Tumblr account already?! Awesome.

It’s funny how I crazily obsess on every new thing I encounter. For example, when I discovered Japanese dramas, I slept for three hours at most everyday, and my grades suffered. Yes, you can definitely compare me to Squidward on that episode when he had become overly obsessed with Krabby Patties. Remember that episode? No? SpongeBob SquarePants sucks? Well, I do agree, but there was a time when it didn’t sucked.

Well anyways, yeah, fifty posts! It is hardly a reason for celebration, but who cares?!

Oh, and I would like to say hello and thanks to my followers! But, I’m kinda wondering… WHY? What made you follow this poor sod’s blog, which consists mostly of trigger warnings? Whatever your reasons are, thank you! :D

Good night everyone. (^∇^)

The most recent GIF I created has offended a lot of people, and I would like to apologize for it. I admit that I found it amusing, and so I decided to share it. Again, I apologize for doing so. I don’t condone sexual harassment ever. I also think that Nat, the young lady in the GIF, doesn’t as well.

Loving the new look of the Tumblr app. And it seems less buggy than it’s predecessor. I like it.

So, I’ve checked several blog-hosting sites, and I have decided that I’ll open a Blogger account once again. I was thinking of, you know, making Tumblr as my primary public blog, but I always find myself working on GIFs. It’s very distracting. Hopefully with this decision, I’ll be able to write/blog (on things I myself find really amusing) effectively. Don’t worry though, I will still post here.

So… earlier today, I decided to delete my one-year-old Tumblr account and then set up a new one under the same name. The reason? Well, I wasn’t really happy with it. Plain and simple. You wanna see how it looked? Well, just click on the photo in this entry, and you’ll see. It’s unfortunate though that you wouldn’t see it up-close. Oh well.